Cycling and Planespotting At Changi Beach Park

Changi Beach Park

Changi Beach Park is located in the eastern part of Singapore, at the northern tip of Changi. It is one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore.

Unlike the more famous and popular East Coast Park, the beaches at Changi Beach Park is natural. Spotting coconut palms, BBQ pits, park benches and shelters, the park is popular with families who like to hold picnics, barbeques and swim there.

It is also close to Changi Village where there are a myriad of food businesses offering seafront dining. Enjoy the gentle sea breeze and the sound of rolling waves as you dine.

The park is approximately 3.3km long, winding tracks stretch from Changi Point to Changi Ferry Terminal. A favourite route for cycling enthusiasts. They frequently organize group cycling sessions.

We joined one that starts at Changi Village, through Changi Beach Park to East Coast Park via the Coastal Park Connector and then back. It was supposed to be 20km in total.

We were a little late but we made it (Changi Village is quite far from our place). I had a little problem finding a bike small enough for me. I knew I needed a bike that I could sit and still stand properly, not on tip-toe.The bike shop owner was quite resourceful and managed to secure the bike for me. I’m usually not so insistent about things but on hindsight, it was wise. There were stretches that were quite uneven and tricky.

The start was slightly shaky for me. One of the guys called it a problem with low-speed balance. But by mid-way, I am enjoying myself. The scenery was good and I caught a few planes taking off and landing at the airport.

Changi Beach Park was quite nice. There are not many people and traffic there so the ride was more enjoyable. The East Coast Park stretch wasn’t so nice as there are many people, more bikers and more skaters.

The return journey seems shorter. Is it because I know where I am ending up. I ended being one of the last to get back. But that’s okay.

Oh! And it was 34 km in total.

Planespotting at Changi Beach Park

I did not know there is such a thing as planespotting. Youtube really opened my eyes to a lot things people do for fun.

As a local, I am ashamed to confess that I did not know that we can do planespotting at Changi Beach Park. I wonder whether there are other good planespotting spots in Singapore.

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