This Compilations category contain selections of my favourite movies, TV series, videos, music, audiobooks, podcasts, and books.

Video Compilations

I like to binge-watch. By doing compilations in order, I can do just that.

Audio Compilations

This sub-category is for songs, audiobooks or podcasts.

For songs, I want to keep a record of my thoughts and feelings about songs that I heard that touched or impacted me.

Audiobooks is a good alternative to books. You can listen as you stroll, commute or drive. It allows people with failing eyesight to still be able to enjoy a good book. It helps that many celebrities have lent their voices to audiobook projects. Hugh Fraser, Christopher Lee and Benedict Cumberbatch comes to mind.

Have you missed a radio broadcast and wished that there is a way to listen to the recording? Here is where podcasts can help.


When I come across an author I like, I like to read his or her works in order.

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