Jesus My Splendor Lyrics and Chords by New Creation Church Singapore

Jesus My Splendor Lyrics and Chords. Inspired by Psalm 8:5 and Hebrews 2, this song speaks of the glory and honour that only God can bestow.

For you have made him a little lower than the angels, and crowned him with glory and honor. You make him ruler over the works of your hands. You have put all things under his feet:

Psalm 8:5-6 WEB

Hebrews Chapter 2 expanded on these two verses. The “him” refers to man but it also refers to Jesus.

The reason Jesus was made a little lower than the angels. The reason He was crowned with glory and honour is so that He can taste death for every man. By doing this, He brought many sons to glory. He became the captain of their salvation.

Jesus My Splendor Lyrics

Words & music by Ronnie Lew Copyright 2006 New Creation Church Singapore

C                               F
Jesus, You are my splendour
You’ve adorned me
        G                             C
And brought me to Your   throne
             C                                           F
You’ve crowned me with glory and honour
                     Dm                         G7
Cos You’ve placed me in Your worth

                       C              Dm7
My righteous-ness, holi-ness
                      Em                F
Are found in You my sacrifice
Am             Em    F      G
Just as You are,  so am I
              C              Dm7
I’m justified, sanctified
               Em                 F
I live my life for Your honour
          Dm                 G7              C
I’m a child of the Lord Most High

Jesus My Splendour Chords

[C] [F]
[G] [C]
[C] [F]
[Dm] [G7]

[C] [Dm7]
[Em] [F]
[Am] [Em] [F] [G]
[C] [Dm7]
[Em] [F]
[Dm] [G7] [C]

This song reminds me of a sermon that Joseph Prince preached in 2011 titled God Has Crowned You With Glory And Honor! Here is an excerpt where he explained Isaiah 55:2-3 where we are encouraged to listen carefully, incline my ear, and hear.

Full sermon is available at

Note: The correct title of this song is Jesus My Splendour. Singapore uses British English officially. 🙂

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Be greatly blessed!

jesus my splendor

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