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love rescued me

Love Rescued Me 主爱拯救了我 is a Chinese worship song found in the Justified Worship album released in 2006 by New Creation Church, Singapore.

This Chinese Christian song described the never-ending love of God and the benefits of His love embrace. It is personal. It is intimate.

18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has punishment. He who fears is not made perfect in love.

1 John 4:18 WEB

Love Rescued Me Lyrics in Chinese

我微弱时 您扶持我
您永不离开我 始终不离弃我
我的一举一动 您都关怀
我心灵被更新 丰盛生命我领受
耶稣我爱您 深深地爱您
我罪已得赦免 我心已得安慰

Love Rescued Me Lyrics in English

Your love is neverending
When I am weak, you lifted me up
How amazing is Your love
You never leave me
You never forsake me
You said I am Your beloved
You care about my every move
You love me to the ends of the world
No words can describe Your mercy
You took away my scars and sorrow
Cleansed my sins with your precious blood
My spirit is renewed
Abundant life I received
Jesus I love you, because You first loved me
My sin have been forgiven
My heart is comforted
Your agape love rescued me

Love Rescued Me Chords

D G Em A Bm G D Em G Em A

D G Em A Bm G D Em G F#

Bm F#m Bm G D G A

D Bm G A D D Bm G A D

Prayer: Thank you Jesus for bringing me deeper in worship and closer to You. In Your presence and love, I find comfort, strength and salvation.

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