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nailed to the cross lyrics

Nailed to the Cross lyrics sings about the sinless Man who bled for me. 一个无罪的人, 为我流血, 为我受伤。

This song’s Hokkien title is 钉在十架. It is a lovely Hokkien worship song. It reminds me that Jesus is multilingual. I highly recommend it as a meditative worship song even if you do not know Hokkien.


Lead vocals: Daniel Chong. Words & Music: Kenneth Chew. Copyright 2006 New Creation Church 新造教会 Singapore

有一个人 根本无罪
但这个人 为我流血
耶稣的性命 和我罪人对换
为拿去我罪 替我钉在十架
是怎样的人 有那么大的爱
是代罪羔羊 天父的最爱
我无法完全了解 主耶稣的爱
为拿去我罪 替我钉在十架

Nailed to the Cross Lyrics (English Translation)

There is a man, a sinless man
But this man, He bled for me
Behold His broken body
Behold His injured face
Jesus' life, exchanged with mine
To take away my sin, He was nailed to the cross for me
What man has such immense love
It's the sacrificial lamb, the beloved of God
I will never fully understand, the love of Jesus
To take away my sin, He was nailed to the cross for me

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