The Anchor for the Soul Verse from Hebrew 6:19 Refers to Jesus

I came across this picture of a huge anchor of a American warship. It is huge. It reminds me of the anchor for the soul verse in Hebrews 6:19.

anchor for the soul verse

19 This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and entering into that which is within the veil;

Hebrews 6:19 WEB

Salvation is not for the deserving. I do not deserve God’s glory and power but I get it. Because Jesus’s sacrifice qualify me.

The hope of salvation, of reconciliation with God, brought about by Jesus is like an anchor of the soul. A sure and steadfast hope. Even when the storms of life tosses me around, I can be immovable because of the anchor.

I am able to enter the veil, inside the holiest of holies, the place that God dwell because Jesus has entered as my forerunner before me. He is a forerunner, it means He is expecting me to follow Him.

Now, that is a lovely thought to dwell on.

Anchor for the Soul song by J Brian Craig

Anchor for the Soul Lyrics

Anchor for the soul,
Shelter from the storm; 
Thunder and the lightning 
Can be very fright'ning, 
But God is in control. 

Anchor for the soul, 
Shelter from the storm; 
Manna in the morning, 
Blessings overflowing, 
Leading us to home. 

This world's not my home, 
Just a-passing through. 
Through this life I wander, 
Treasure stored up yonder 
Somewhere beyond the blue. 

On my way I learn 
Through each path I take. 
Every day I'm growing, 
On my way I'm knowing 
Heaven's worth the wait. 

When the day is gone, 
When my journey ends, 
Won't be nothing better
Then to be together  
With all my faithful friends. 

We'll all join in song 
Gathered 'round the throne. 
There'll be no more sorrow 
Someday when tomorrow 
Heaven is our home. 

Anchor for the Soul Chords

G / G / Amin7 / Amin7 
C / Dsus / G / G 
G / G / Amin7 / Amin7 
C / Dsus / G

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anchor for the soul verse

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