Watch Benjamin Zander Practise the Art of Possibility in Classical Music

benjamin zander masterclass

Benjamin Zander is the co-author of The Art of Possibility: transforming professional and personal life ( The other author is Rosamund Stone Zander.

In the introduction on his website, he said this,

“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”

Benjamin Zander

I was introduced to Benjamin Zander and the Art of Possibility when I was working at the National Library Board Singapore. His ideas resonate with me. Some of the practices he suggested felt intuitively right.

I compiled a playlist containing his TED talk, his concerts and interpretations to keep a record of the stuff that spoke to me, and to revisit and recalibrate my own professional and personal practice.

The Practice of Possibility

Possibility is a way of thinking, but it is not positive thinking or possible thinking. How does one discover possibilities or live in possibilities? The book suggested 12 possibility practices:

  1. Realize the everything is invented
  2. Move from scarcity to abundance
  3. Gift an A
  4. Be a contribution
  5. Lead from any position
  6. Lighten up
  7. See the way things are
  8. Flow with passion
  9. Ignite the spark
  10. Be the chess board
  11. Create possibility frameworks
  12. Focus on We

Benjamin Zander The Inspiring Speaker

He gave a 20-minute presentation at TED 2008 entitled The Transformative Power of Classical Music. He uses a piece of music by Chopin to demonstrate the importance of holding a vision. He encourages the participants to influence others and create “shining eyes”. It is a very uplifting message.

Benjamin Zander The Conductor

When I first heard him during a work seminar, I did not know that he is famous in the classical music world. I found out later that he is an English conductor who is also the musical director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

Benjamin Zander is a classical music conductor before he is an inspirational speaker. His uniqueness lies in his ability to impart leadership principles and the art of possibility in the classical music world and to share the magic of classical music with the general public.

He conducts interpretation master classes for different musical instruments. Many of them are recorded and available on YouTube. I find watching him teach and coach insightful. His standards and expectations are high, yet he does not scold or intimidate his students.

Benjamin Zander The Coach

Interpretation Sessions for Cello

Interpretation Sessions for Flute

Interpretation Sessions for Piano

Interpretation Sessions for Singing

Interpretation Sessions for Violin

Interpretation Sessions for Conductors

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