5 Free Fiona Goble Knitting Patterns – Cute Dolls and Accessories

Fiona Goble Knitting Patterns

Fiona Goble is a professional knitting designer from UK.

Her knitting patterns are distributed via Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Etsy, Ravelry, and loveknitting. I only found 5 free Fiona Goble knitting patterns at MAKEetc. They are web-based, no printable pdf.

I like her patterns. I find them whimsical and child-like. They always put a smile on my face. So de-stressing. They may need some intermediate knitting techniques. I’m sure the cute patterns are motivation enough to go learn these techniques.

Free Fiona Goble Knitting Patterns

1. Knitted Cat Headband

Cat Headband

This pattern was designed for a toddler but I do not see why it cannot be tweaked to fit a baby. Substitute the yarn or knit fewer rows.

The headband is a stockinette stitch with a garter border. The ears are 4 knitted triangles that are oversew together and attached to the headband. Change the shapes of the ears and yarn colours to create different animals.

Get the free web-based pattern for Cat Headband at Makeetc.com.

2. Knitted Koala Booties

Koala Booties

This pattern is found in Fiona Goble’s Knitted Animal Nursery (affiliate link), a collection of animal knits for babies up to 3 years old. It includes a puppy swaddling blanket, a bluebird bib, a sleeping sheep mitts, tiger trousers, and more.

This cute koala baby booties knitting pattern uses a super fluffy merino yarn to mimic the fur. The stitches used were stockinette and 2×2 ribbing. You need to know how to do short rows, change colours, and attach new yarn. It is knitted from the cuff down. Instructions for 2 sizes are provided.

Get the free web-based pattern for Knitted Koala Booties at Makeetc.com.

3. Knitted Mermaid Doll

Knitted Mermaid Doll

This doll is not for the beginner. You need to have some experience making dolls. There are many parts. 2 pieces for the body and head, 2 pieces for the hair, 2 pieces for the tail, 1 piece for the bra top, and 2 pieces of bra straps. Many parts meant a fair amount of sewing up which I am not a fan of.

This free version does not contain instructions for the arms. It is possible to work it out yourself if you have already done other doll projects.

Get the free web-based pattern for the Mermaid doll at Makeetc.com.

This pattern can also be found in Fiona Goble’s Knit Your Own Dolls (affiliate link).

4. Knitted Sloth Hat

Knitted Sloth Hat

The main hat is knitted first. The ear flaps are picked up from the sides and knitted. The eye patches are knitted separately and attached by sewing them in place.

The eyes, nose and mouth are single crochet chains. For those who cannot crochet, I think they can be substituted with black felt cloth cut to shape and sewn in.

Get the free web-based pattern for the Sloth Hat at Makeetc.com.

This pattern can also be found in Fiona Goble’s Knitted Animal Socks and Hats (affiliate link).

5. Knitted Mouse Teapot Cozy

Mourse teapot cozy

The mouse cozy should fit a teapot that is 4.5in (11cm) tall. The body is knitted in 2 pieces. The other pieces include the mouse head, ears, and tail. No fancy knit stitches, just stockinette and some decreasing. The rest is sewing up.

Get the free web-based pattern for Mouse teapot cozy at Makeetc.com.

This pattern can also be found in Fiona Goble’s Knitted Animal Cozies [affiliate link]. There are so many tea cozy projects in this book.

We have come to the end of this post. If you have found it useful, let me know by leaving a comment about what you found useful, liking it or sharing it or join my Magic of Hand Knitting Facebook Page.

Happy knitting!

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