3 Free Poinsettia Knitting Patterns to Add to the Christmas Knitting Repertoire

free poinsettia knitting patterns

I always see poinsettia flowers at Christmas. As potted plants or in decorative Poinsettia wreaths in houses and at malls. What are they? Why are they only seen during the Christmas season? 

What is a Poinsettia Flower? 

Poinsettia is a small Mexican shrub with large scarlet leaves surrounding small yellow flowers. To the Aztecs, they are symbols of purity. In the Western world, they symbolize good cheer and success. They are also the December birth flower. This explains why they are popular during Christmas. 

It is also no surprise that it becomes part of the Christmas knitting repertoire. I think knitted poinsettia beats artificial poinsettia hands down. 🙂

Free Poinsettia Knitting Patterns

1. Poinsettia Flower Knitting Pattern by Katerina Deriu

This poinsettia is made up of 6 petals, 4 berries, and 4 leaves. Another choice for Christmas knitting beside stocking, Santa hat and candy cane. I think it looks really pretty and a much more environmentally friendly Christmas decoration than the real thing. You can keep and re-use next Christmas.

The instructions are straightforward. The hardest instruction is KFB (which means knit into the front and back).

Find the free DPDF downloadable pattern at Ravelry.

2. Poinsettia Gift Topper

Image source: https://nezumiworld.blogspot.com

This flower gift topper is a 5-petal poinsettia. It is knitted sideways, petal by petal. The designer included a chart and written instructions as well as a photo tutorial on how to put the poinsettia flower together.

Find the free web-based pattern at Nezumi World.

3. Knitted Poinsettia Pattern

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Happy knitting!

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