Jesus My Everything Lyrics by New Creation Church Singapore

Jesus my everything lyrics

Jesus My Everything lyrics. This worship song was written by Ronnie Liew of New Creation Church Singapore in 2005.

This simple Christ-centric praise song is great for singing loudly in the car during the morning rush hour. The image of God’s grace like a cloud raining grace over me helps me to visualize God’s love in a concrete manner. It is a happy song.

Jesus My Everything Lyrics

Words and music: Ronnie Liew. Copyright 2005 New Creation Church, Singapore

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

I can see your grace gather like the clouds
And it rains on me wherever I'm found
Yes I know your word is faithful
Your promises so true
O Lord my trust is in You

Every single day I want to see your face
I hear your spirit say I'm justified by faith
I believe your blood has cleansed me
I rest in your embrace
O Lord forever I say

Jesus, You're my everything
I have in You all that I need
Jesus, You're my everything
You're my shepherd
In You I live
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