10 Free and Easy Knitted Easter Egg Patterns For the Important Celebration

Knitted Easter egg patterns

These 10 knitted Easter egg patterns offer different techniques including different knit textures, colourwork combinations and knitting directions.

The origins of making Easter eggs on Easter is unclear even though there are several speculations. But, without a doubt, the tradition is here to stay. Making Easter eggs can be about painting the real thing, using paper and glue, or using yarn to knit or crochet them.

Make knitted Easter eggs with these 10 patterns listed here to decorate homes, to give as Easter gifts or children’s toys.

Section 1 – Knit Flat

Knitting an easter egg flat mean seaming up later. For people who find double-pointed needles fiddly, this is a good alternative.

1. Peach Unicorn Easter Eggs

peach unicorn Easter eggs

This pattern offers 4 designs: eyelets, textured heart, two-coloured stripe, and plain.

Get the free web-based pattern for Peach Unicon Easter Eggs.

2. Gina Michele’s Easy Easter Egg Knitting Pattern

Easy Easter Egg pattern

Gina’s easter eggs are knitted flat and the sides seamed. Use variegated colour yarns or yarns in different colours for simple stripes.

Gina also made a video of her knitting an easter egg from start to finish.

Get the free web-based pattern for Michele’s Easter Eggs at Gina-michele.com.

3. Julie William’s Easter Eggs

Easy Easter eggs

Julie offers 6 different centre panels for her easter eggs. She provided written instructions and coloured charts for the panel designs.

Finally, she also provided instructions for knitting them flat and in the round. This should have been a paid pattern but Julie has made it free for personal and non-commercial use.

Download the free pattern at Get the free PDF pattern for Julie’s Knitted Easter Eggs at Ravelry.

4. Jean Greenhowe’s Easter Egg Treats

10 Free and Easy Knitted Easter Egg Patterns For the Important Celebration

At first glance, Greenhowe’s Easter eggs do not look very much like eggs. It is also the first garter stitch egg pattern I have come across. Knitted in garter and sewn into a tube, it hides a small chocolate egg. Not a bad idea for an egg hunt.

10 Free and Easy Knitted Easter Egg Patterns For the Important Celebration
Goodies hidden within

Get the free PDF pattern for Jean Greenhowe’s Easter Egg Treats.

Section 2 – Knit In the Round

5. Auntie Em’s Striped Easter Egg

striped easter eggs

Changing colour while knitting in the round is not difficult and the ends can be hidden inside the eggs.

Get the free web-based pattern for the Striped Easter Eggs.

6. Kristen McDonnell’s Softie Easter Egg

softie Easter eggs

I like Kristen’s video tutorial. She keeps the written instructions on the screen so that I can follow along.

Get the free web-based pattern for Softie Easter Eggs at Studioknitsf.com.

7. Fair Isle Easter Eggs

fair isle Easter eggs

This pattern offers 5 different fair isle charts for a knit in the round easter egg.

Watch this video tutorial by Arne and Carlos to learn how to read the fair isle chart for the knitted easter egg.

Get the free PDF pattern for Fair Isle Easter Eggs at theguywiththehook.com.

8. Purl Soho’s Duplicate Stitch Easter Eggs

Duplicate stitch Easter egg

Not up to changing yarns while knitting? Try doing duplicate stitching.

Purl Soho provides a step-by-step pictorial tutorial for their basic egg knitting pattern. The designs of the egg is created using duplicate stitch after the basic egg has been knitted.

Get the free web-based pattern for Duplicate Stitch Easter Eggs at PurlSoho.com.

9. Chris de Longpre’s EggKins


Eggs pretending to be a chick, an owlet, a duckling, a lamb, and a bunny.

Get the free PDF pattern for Eggkins at Ravelry.

10. Loom Knitted Easter Egg

Loom knitting is great for people who cannot do hand knitting. Here is a video tutorial on how to loom knit an easter egg.

We have come to the end of this post. I hope you found what you are looking for. Let me know, okay?

Happy knitting

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