Love’s Sacrifice Lyrics and Chords by New Creation Church Singapore

love's sacrifice lyrics

Love’s Sacrifice lyrics and chords. The song is Jesus’ sacrifice to redeem me. His precious blood shed and perfect body broken.

2000 years ago, Jesus Christ took our place, and for every sin that you and I have committed or will ever commit He bore it at the tree and He was punished so that we will not be punished.

He was condemned so that we will never be condemned. He took our place so that we can take his place. He became sin so that we can become the righteousness of God. The Bible says He became our curse that we might be blessed.

Lovers and acquaintances were kept far from Him so that we will always be surrounded by them.

And He cried “my God my God why have you forsaken me” so that you and I will cry “my Father my Father why have You so blessed me“.

He found His rest loving you saving you.

Joseph Prince

Some people have said that Joseph Prince preaches cheap grace. How can grace be cheap if it was a sacrifice by God for us. It is priceless. How can we afford to buy it? It is a gift. Freely given by God.

Love’s Sacrifice Lyrics

Words & music by Jen Tan, Joy Chua, Winston Tay Copyright 2010 New Creation Church, Singapore

In the beauty of Your holiness
Your face is all I see
In the glory of Your majesty
I bow my knee, I bow my knee

To worship You
Worship You

Your grace has opened my eyes
To see the beauty, the price
Of Your love’s sacrifice
Your love’s sacrifice

Your blood has redeemed me from shame
Your power has broken the chains

This is love’s sacrifice
Your love’s sacrifice

In the presence of Your perfect love
My fears are swept away
In the tenderness of Your embrace
I lift my hands, I lift my hands

Love’s Sacrifice Chords

[Am] [Fmaj7] [Em7]

Verse 1
[Am] [Fmaj7]
[G] [Em7]
[Am] [Fmaj7] 
[G] [Em7] 

[F] [G] [F] [Em]

[Em] [Am] [Fmaj7] [G] [Em7] 

Verse 2
[Am] [Fmaj7]
[G] [Em7]
[Am] [Fmaj7]
[G] [Em7]

[C] [G] 
[Am] [Em] [F] [G] 
[F/A] [G/B] [Am] 
[C] [G] 
[Am7] [Em] 
[F] [G] [F/A] [G/B]

Interlude (Narration)
[Am] [Em/G] [Am] [Em] 
[F] [G] [F/A] [G/B]
[Am] [G] [Am] [Em] 
[F] [G] [F/A] [G/B] 

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For God so loved you, He sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for you. You are precious to Him.

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