Watch 8 Medical Examiner Dr Qin Full Length Drama and Movies in Chronological Order of Release 法医秦明

Medical Examiner Dr Qin

A compilation of drama and films involving a medical examiner Dr Qin (秦明). Based loosely on a series of crime novels featuring a fictional medical examiner. Incidentally, the author is also called 秦明 (Qin Ming). Not sure if it is his pen name or his real name.

The books in order of publication are:

  1. 尸语者
  2. 无声的证
  3. 第十一根手指
  4. 清道夫
  5. 幸存者
  6. 偷窥者
  7. 天谴者
  8. 遗忘者
  9. 玩偶

Each dramatization takes a great degree of creative liberty. Watch them for their own merit.

Drama List

法医秦明 Medical Examiner Dr Qin 2016

Based on the 2014 novel 第十一根手指 (The 11th finger). A 20-episode TV drama.

I like the combination of the stone-faced medical examiner with a competent and lively assistant, and an equally lively police detective. All 3 actors were good. None of the over-acting I see often in modern Chinese drama.

The cases were interesting and highlighted some of the social issues in China. For example, the first case is about finding dismembered body parts in recycled gutter oil. Recycled gutter oil and selling them as cooking oil was a major scandal in China a couple of years back. The writers used it as a springboard to a murder story. Totally grossed.

法医秦明之幸存者 Medical Examiner Dr Qin: The Survivor 2018

This drama has 30 episodes. I’m not a fan of long drama. It usually means slow storytelling.

It also took dead men tell tales too literally, presenting it in the form of philosophical conversations between the medical examiner and the victims. This device is deployed with every story, too contrived.

It is not as good as the first series.

法医秦明之无声的证词 Medical Examiner Dr Qin: Silent Evidence 2021

法医秦明之读心者 Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader 2022

This Chinese drama was released in 2022 and has 28 episodes.

A young Qin Ming, a forensic investigator returned to his hometown to investigate the mysterious death of his mother. He inadvertently finds himself involved in an entirely different murder case and have to help the local police. One case after another came along and soon Qin Ming found himself unable to leave his newfound colleagues and friends. They worked together to solve cases and a number of shocking truths are revealed.

The series isn’t too bad although I find the acting and timing off at times. They try to inject humour but it didn’t always work.

Movie List

法医秦明之血色婚礼 Medical Examiner Dr Qin: Bloody Wedding

法医秦明之致命小说 Medical Examiner Dr Qin: Fatal Novel 2019

法医秦明之亡命救赎 Medical Examiner Dr Qin: Death Redemption 2019

秦明·生死语者/Whisper of Silent Body 2019

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