Watch Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes Free – 6 Episodes in Chronological Order

peter cushing as sherlock holmes

This Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes playlist contains 4 full episodes from the 1968 BBC television series and two full-length movie from 1958 and 1984.

Peter Cushing replaces Douglas Wilmer as Sherlock Holmes for the second season of this BBC television series in 1968. The first series filmed in 1958 are not readily available. What I can find are short snippets and the quality is poor. For Series 2, I can only find 5 full episodes. Niger Stock played John Watson for both seasons. I think he makes a very likeable John Watson.

Peter Cushing reprised the role nearly 20 years later in The Masks of Death.

1. The Hound of the Baskervilles

2. A Study in Scarlet

3. The Boscombe Valley Mystery

4. The Sign of Four

5. The Blue Carbuncle

I really enjoyed this story involving a lost hat, goose, and a stolen jewel.

6. The Masks of Death (1984)

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