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so grateful lyrics

The So Grateful lyrics reminds me that Jesus came to die for me so that I get to live the abundant life. This praise song can be found in the You Alone I Praise album.

If you have low blood pressure like me and waking up in the morning is a major chore, then you will appreciate this song. So Grateful has a quick tempo, a catchy tune, and great lyrics. A song to enjoy and perk up in the morning.

It is anchored what Jesus said in John 8:32 and John 10:10.

So Grateful Lyrics

Words & music by Jen Tan. Copyright 2006 New Creation Church Singapore

You came for me to die for me
You died for me, for me to live, Jesus
You came for me to give to me
More than a life, a life more abundantly

I'm living this life
You've given to me
Abundant life, You've given me
I'm living the truth
You've placed in my heart
Truth that has set me free

I praise You, I praise You
With all I am I praise You
I'm so grateful You came for me
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
You gave everything to save me
I'm so grateful for all You've done

Listen to the song:

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