Binge-watch 12 Warner Oland Charlie Chan Movies in Chronological Order

warner oland charlie chan

Warner Oland was a Swedish-American actor who played several characters of Chinese or Asian descent. Besides Charlie Chan, he also played Dr Fu Manchu and Henry Chan. He played Charlie Chan in 16 films although only 12 are available.

Charlie Chan is a fictional detective created by Earl Derr Biggers in a series of mystery novels. Although there were only 6 novels, it inspired a total of 47 mystery movies spanning from 1929 to 1981.

1. The Black Camel (Warner Oland) 1931

Charlie Chan solved the murder of movie star Shelah Fayne who was in Honolulu to shoot a film. Bela Lugosi played a famous psychic as well as the brother of a murdered victim.

2. Charlie Chan in London (Warner Oland) 1934

Paul Gray, a young English man was convicted of the murder of Captain Hamilton of the Royal Air Force and sentenced to hang. His sister Pamela Gray asked Charlie Chan to investigate and find the real murderer.

3. Charlie Chan in Paris (Warner Oland) 1935

Some bonds from the Lamartine Bank in Paris had been forged, so they hired Charlie Chan to solve the case.

4. Charlie Chan in Egypt (Warner Oland) 1935

An archaeologist disappeared while excavating ancient art treasures in Egypt. Charlie Chan must sort out the conflicting stories of the archaeological team, and find the truth behind missing priceless treasures and supernatural events.

5. Charlie Chan in Shanghai (Warner Oland) 1935

Charlie Chan arrives in Shanghai to help stop an opium smuggling ring. At a banquet, Sir Stanley Woodland was shot and killed by a gun inside a booby-trapped box. Charlie Chan must find out who is the ring leader of the opium smuggling ring and the murderer of Sir Stanley Woodland.

6. Charlie Chan’s Secret (Warner Oland) 1936

Alan Colby, the heir to a vast fortune, reappears after a seven-year absence, only to be murdered before he can claim his inheritance. Charlie Chan was called to investigate the murder, attempting to find the murderer among the myriad of suspects.

7. Charlie Chan at the Circus (Warner Oland) 1936

Joe Kinney, a circus owner, asked Charlie Chan to find who was sending him threatening letters. He was later killed by a gorilla. Or was he? I find quite a bit of inconsistency in the plot. One of the weakest stories in the collection.

8. Charlie Chan at the Race Track (Warner Oland) 1936

A prominent racehorse owner was found dead next to his prized racehorse. It seems logical that the horse has accidentally kicked its owner to death. But Charlie Chan found evidence of foul play.

9. Charlie Chan at the Opera (Warner Oland) 1936

Members of an opera company were being murdered one by one. An insane ex-member, who had escaped from the asylum, was the logical suspect. Charlie Chan followed the few clues he found to uncover the truth. Boris Karloff starred as Gravelle, the insane opera star and murder suspect.

10. Charlie Chan at the Olympics (Warner Oland) 1937

An aircraft remote radio control device was stolen during a routine demonstration. Charlie Chan traced the device from Honolulu to Berlin. Navigating through false leads and lies, Chan discovered the truth and recovered the device.

11. Charlie Chan on Broadway (Warner Oland) 1937

A material witness to a political scandal was murdered after hiding her diary in Charlie Chan’s luggage. Another person was murdered in Chan’s hotel room. Charlie Chan puts the few scattered clues together and sets a trap for the murderer.

12. Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo (Warner Oland) 1937

Charlie and Lee Chan were in Monaco for an art exhibition when they stumbled upon a murdered man in a car. The dead man was a bank messenger carrying S$1 million dollars worth of bonds belonging to an American financier. The bonds were missing. Who murdered the messenger and took the bonds?

Read the Original 6 Novels

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