Listening to a Beautiful Water Cycle Song 水的话,是诗还是歌

水的话 is a beautifully written Chinese water cycle song from the perspective of water.

Both the lyrics and music were written by 梁文福, a talented Singaporean. He wrote many songs that were sang by famous singers. This one is one of his earlier works, It is part of what we Singaporeans fondly call 新谣 (Singapore folk songs).

It was first released in 1984 and the original singer was 顏黎明 (Dawn Gan). She passed away on 22 September 2018 from cancer at the age of 55.



我是小溪 源自山中 [I am a stream, I came from the high mountains]
潺潺流过 郁郁青葱 [Meandering through luscious valleys]
吐向大海 鱼鸟与共 [My destination is the ocean where the fish and birds are]
晨光一催 缕缕升空 [When the morning rays hit, I rise lightly into the air]
浮云一片 飘南北西东 [As a cloud, I drift]
谁也不知 我的行踪 [Nobody know where I am going]
轻轻化作 烟雨蒙胧 [I became rain and mist]
丝丝落在 你的心中 [falling lightly…into your heart]


1984 Original Version by 顏黎明

Cover by 潘盈

Cover by 陈蕙薰

Piano Instrumental

A tribute to Dawn Gan 顏黎明  

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