7 Cartridge Belt Rib Knitting Patterns – 5 are free

cartridge belt rib stitch

The cartridge belt rib is a fake rib stitch with no purling. I find it so easy to knit. Practise knitting it with these 7 knitting patterns ranging from scarves, towels, gloves, cardigan to blouse.

This rib stitch is also called the purl-less stitch, a fake 3×1 rib stitch, a No-Purl Rib stitch. It is a simple slip stitch pattern with elongated knit stitches. It is also a two-row repeat. I think it is a great stitch for a beginner knitter who has mastered the knit stitch and is looking for something new to learn.

The first mention of the Cartridge Belt rib stitch is in Barbara G Walker’s A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns [affiliate link].

Let’s learn the basic instructions for knitting it flat as well as in the round.


1. Cartridge-belt rib – Knitted Flat

Written Instructions

Cast on multiple of 4 stitches plus 3. This means casting on multiples of 4 stitches and end by adding 3 additional stitches. For example, 4+3, 8+3, 12+3, 16+3 and so on.

Row 1: K3, *byif, slip 1, byb, k3, rep from *
Row 2: K1, *byif, slip 1, byb, k3; rep from *, end byif, slip 1, k1
Repeat row 1 and 2.

byif is short for “bring yarn in front”. Byb is short for “bring yarn back”.

After knit 3, bring the yarn to the front of the work as if the next stitch is to be purled. Slip the next stitch purlwise, bring the yarn across the front of the slipped stitch and then to the back of the work ready to knit 3.


Read the chart from the bottom up and from right to left.

7 Cartridge Belt Rib Knitting Patterns - 5 are free

Video instruction

2. Cartridge-belt rib – In the Round (multiple of 4)

Written instructions

Cast on multiples of 4 and then join in the round. Note that it is not necessary to add the additional 3 stitches required for knitting the cartridge belt rib flat.

Remember to place a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round.

Round 1: *K3, byif, slip 1, byb, repeat from *
Round 2: P1, *byb, slip 1, byif, P3, repeat from *
Repeat Round 1 and 2 for pattern.

Knitting Cartridge Belt Rib Stitch in Continental Style

I knit in the English style. This means I hold the working yarn in my right hand and I throw the yarn across the needle. But I appreciate the efficiency of the Continental picking style. Here’s how to knit the cartridge belt rib by someone who does it in the Continental style.

7 Free Cartridge Belt Rib Stitch Patterns

1. No Purl Ribbed Scarf by Purl Soho

No purl ribbed scarf
image source: Purlsoho.com

This is currently the most popular cartridge belt rib scarf on the Internet. Everyone mentions this. It is not surprising because it is really beautiful and so easy to knit up. The stitch pattern looks intricate but it is actually an easy knit. Maximum impact with minimum effort.

There is only one thing to take note when using Purl Soho’s written instructions. Their first row goes like this:

Row 1: K3, *slip 1 wyif (with yarn in front), k3, repeat from * to end of row

I think this may be confusing for new knitters. It is very likely that they may slip the stitch first before bringing the yarn in front. This will not create the fake purl stitch. The yarn should be brought forward first before slipping the stitch. So, do remember to:

K3, *byif, slip 1, byb, K3, repeat from * to end of the row.

The free web-based pattern is available at www.purlsoho.com

2. 2-Row Reversible Scarf

2-row reversible scarf
image source: sageyarn.blogspot.com

This pattern is basically the same as No-Purl Ribbed Scarf. The yarn used is thicker and the scarf is narrower. The drape is different because of the gauge.

Find the free web-based pattern at sageyarn.blogspot.com

3. No-Purl Rib Hand Towel

No purl ribbed hand towel
image source: purlsoho.com

Did I mention that the No-Purl Ribbed Scarf is very popular? The designer went on to design a blanket and a hand towel. I featured the towel here because I was interested in the method that the designer added the loop for hanging. It is really well-made.

The free web-based pattern is available at www.purlsoho.com

4. Cartridge Rib Fingerless Gloves

Cartridge rib fingerless gloves
image source: justcraftyenough.com

It is unusual to use a fake rib for fingerless gloves. It seems to work for this designer. She opted for a tight gauge in order to achieve a good tight fit.

The glove pattern is unusual for another reason: purling for the body of the gloves. Most knitters choose cartridge belt rib stitch because they dislike purling. This designer has no issue with it. 🙂

This free web-based pattern is available at www.justcraftyenough.com

5. Opul infinity scarf

Opul infinity scarf
image source: tricksyknitter.com

To knit the Opul infinity scarf, you will need to know or is prepared to learn provisional cast-on and Kitchener grafting. The rest of the instructions is similar to Purl Soho’s No-Purl Ribbed Scarf.

The free web-based pattern is available at tricksyknitter.com

6. Bright River Cowl-Neck Sweater

Bright River Sweater

The designer of the Bright River Sweater is Andrea Rangel. It is knitted from the bottom up in the round. The sweater has waist shaping, a raglan yoke and a cowl created by using larger needles.

The pattern is found in Rugged Knits: 24 Practical Projects for Everyday Living [affiliate link]. It offers 6 sizes. It does not seem to be sold separately, which is a shame. I hope Andrea considers selling her Rugged Knits patterns individually.

7. Morchella Cardigan

Morchella cardigan
image source: harrisville.com

The designer of this handsome over-sized cardigan is Whitney Hayward. I suspect all the different parts are knitted as rectangles or squares and then seamed up.

Buy the pattern at harrisville.com

We have come to the end of this post. I hope you found what you are looking for. Let me know, okay?

Happy knitting

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