6 Free Reversible Baby Blanket Patterns For Beginners

These 6 reversible baby blanket knitting pattern projects use a combination of just knit and purl stitches from garter stitch, seed stitch to rib stitch.

Reversible means that both sides of the blanket can be seen as the main side. This is very useful for baby blankets. No lining is required.

1. Diagonal Comfort Blanket

Diagonal Comfort Blanket

This garter stitch blanket is knitted diagonally starting from one corner and using yarn overs and knit 2 stitches together to shape the square blanket. The interesting feature is the way the garter stitch border looking like it was done separately from the main body. It isn’t.

The instructions are so easy. You only need to know the knit stitch, yarn over (YO), and knit 2 together (k2tog).

Lion Brand designed this blanket, so it obviously recommends their New Cotton-Ease yarn which is a blend of cotton and acrylic.

The free pdf pattern is available at lionbrand.com.

A very similar pattern is the Corner to Corner blankie by the String Theory Yarn Shop. There is only a slight variation at the cast-on corner. Compare the two and choose one.

2. Grandmother’s Favorite Neat-Edged Dishcloth

Neat edge dishcloth blanket
© Gina Lynette

Yes, this is a dishcloth pattern but if you keep increasing stitches, it can reach the size of a baby blanket. The reason I picked this pattern for this collection is for the pretty and neat border. This is also made up of garter stitch. The neat border is achieved by slipping the first stitch.

Designed by Gina Lynette, the pattern is well written and includes instructions on how to convert this dishcloth into a baby blanket.

The free pdf pattern is available at Gina Lynette at Ravelry.

3. Wavy Waters Baby Blanket

Wavy waters baby blanket
© mmacgregor

Designed by Marnie MacGregor Mooy, Wavy Waters is a simple, reversible baby blanket knitting pattern, with rippled, squishy waves of knits and purls. The finished sized is 27 inches by 32 inches using 6.5mm needles using worsted weight acrylic yarn.

I have never tried knitting waves using just knits and purls. I am eager to try. I wonder if the waves would look better with a looser gauge.

The free pdf pattern is available at Marnie MacGregor Mooy at Ravelry.

4. Tumbling Blocks Baby Blanket

Tumbling blocks baby blanket

Designed by Susie Bonell, the tumbling block design of this reversible baby blanket knitting pattern is made up of a combination of seed stitch. A 10-stitch, 24-row repeat.

I am not a fan of seed stitch but this tumbling block pattern is really cute. I wonder how it might look on a scarf.

The free pdf pattern is available at Cascadeyarns.com.

5. Mae Ribbed Baby Blanket

Mae Ribbed Baby Blanket
© https://www.mamainastitch.com/

Designed by Jessica from mama in a stitch, the texture stitch is a 2-row repeat with a wide 11-stitch garter stitch border. Although the blanket is reversible, they are not identical on both sides. I think this is known as 2-face reversible.

This free web-based knitting pattern is available on Mama In A Stitch website.

6. Garter Rib Baby Blanket

Garter rib baby blanket

I’m not a fan of purling so I wonder if it is possible to knit the Mae Ribbed Baby Blanket’s second row instead of purling it. The answer is YES!

It is the Garter Rib Baby Blanket by Orange Flower Yarn. It is basically the same as the Mae Ribbed Baby Blanket except the second row is knit all.

to end

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Happy knitting!

reversible baby blanket knitting pattern

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