The 1968 and 1996 Cold Comfort Farm Film Adaptations

cold comfort farm film

Find 2 Cold Comfort Farm film adaptations in this playlist. Enjoy Stella Gibbons’ witty jabs at gloomy gothic fiction.

I must confess. I have never heard of Cold Comfort Farm. Someone was searching for it on my blog and I got curious and did a quick Google search. What I found I like.

Cold Comfort Farm (affiliate link) was written by Stella Gibbons (affiliate link) and published in 1932. It tells the story of Flora Poste, a young socialite who lost her parents and had to move in with her rural gloomy relatives in the countryside. What she encountered was classic gothic doom, violent emotions, and despair. The result was a humorous and witty narrative of how she cleared up the gloom with common sense.

The book is a parody of rural melodrama popular at the time. Many reviewers all agree that the novel is meant to be frivolous, cheeky, hilarious & very sensible. Do not take it too seriously.

The novel was adapted in 1968 and in 1996 for television.

1. Cold Comfort Farm Film TV Adaptation 1968

2. Cold Comfort Farm Film Adaptation in 1996

This TV movie adaptation stars a young Kate Beckinsale as Flora Poste. The full movie has been taken down. A 10-minute excerpt would have to do.

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