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free knitting patterns for slippers

House slippers are indispensable for cold floors. Wouldn’t it be nice to knit a pair that fit you like a glove? These 6 free knitting patterns for slippers are selected because they are free and feature a range of knitting techniques.

Three of the knitted slippers patterns are Youtube tutorials without any written instructions. I think they are quite easy to follow so I decided to include them. If you would like the instructions written down, leave me a comment.

1. Simple Garter Stitch Slippers

simple garter stitch slippers
Image source: Hanna Leväniemi at Ravelry

Designed by Hanna Levaniemi.

I tried this pattern and really enjoyed it. The slipper starts out like a garter stitch square with a little shaping for the toe. The heel is formed by seaming up the cast-on edge. Seam up the toe and crochet the 2 sides of the squares together to form the instep. Quick and fun.

The instructions could include a few more pictures of how the slippers are seamed together. I think I can also substitute the cast on with Turkish cast on and continue with knitting back and forth.

Get the free PDF pattern for Simple Garter Stitch slippers at Ravelry.

2. Knitted Slippers with 5 Leaves Motif

Slippers with 5 leaves motif
Image source: Violett at Ravelry

Designed by Sercan Senay.

This pair of house slippers is quite similar to the simple garter stitch slippers. The difference lays in the shaping of the toes. This one is done using short rows.

Get the free web-based pattern for Slippers with Leaves Motif here.

3. South Marysburgh House Slippers

South Marysburgh Slippers
Image source: http://samlamb.blogspot.com

Designed by Sam Lamb.

Unlike the previous knitted slipper patterns which are in garter stitch, this one is in stockinette. I like the shape a lot. It requires the knitter to know how to pick up stitches and knit short rows.

The instructions were surprisingly easy and it is a quick knit. Gauge is important. Do take time to check gauge.

Get the free web-based pattern for South Marysburgh slippers here.

4. Seamless Salomas Slippers

Image source: Megan Williams at Ravelry

Designed by Susan Busbee and Megan Williams.

This pair of slippers is made up of a combination of ribbing and garter stitch. Easy to knit and really stretchy.

Get the free PDF pattern for Seamless Salomas Slippers at Ravelry.

5. Cotton Garter Stitch Slippers (Video)

Designed by the Pattern Family.

I found this video tutorial for a garter stitch slippers. It is similar to the first two patterns in this list. The difference is the way the garter stitch is used.

The designer did not write down the instructions. Do you need some transcription?

6. Garter Stitch Slippers with Buttons (Video)

The designer demonstrated how she knit a garter stitch rectangle and shape it into a slipper with cute triangular flaps embellished with buttons and picot edge.

Again, I did not find any written instructions for this video tutorial but there is an English transcription for the video.

We have come to the end of this post. If you have found it useful, do let me know by liking it or sharing it or leaving a comment about what you like.

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Happy knitting!

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