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Justified Worship Album

This Justified Worship Album playlist consists of 13 songs from the Justified worship album by New Creation Church Singapore. There are both Hokkien and Mandarin songs. Most are written by New Creation Worship.


这个繁体字其实是由两个字 — “羊” 和 “我” 所组成的。当“我” 把 “羊” 给穿上时,就成了“義”。 对于基督徒来说,这只羊所指的就是耶稣基督 — 上帝的羔羊。

当我们穿上基督这只羔羊时, 我们就得以称義。 而这张专辑就是为了庆祝这个真理而录制的。


在我们还是罪人的时候,耶稣已经为了我们被钉死。 因他在十架上的赎罪完工和他的复活,上帝得以名正言顺地称我们为义。事实上,上帝赐予我们如此公义的身份,我们如今只管坦然无惧地来到他的面前,呼叫他 “阿爸,父”!而我们所需要的只是相信。随着我们被称义,平安与福气来到了我们的生命中。今天,让这些歌曲触动您的心,告诉您什么是完全的公义!

1. 爱何等奇妙 Love So Amazing

2. 耶和华祝福满满 Jehovah’s Blessings

3. 主爱拯救了我 Love Rescued Me

4. 称義 Justified

5. 无限的爱 Unending Love

6. 因祢慈爱比生命更好 Your Lovingkindness Is Better Than Life

7. 祢是我力量 You Are My Strength

8. 耶稣知我心 Jesus Knows My Heart

9. 我的心你要称颂耶和华 Bless The Lord O My Soul

10. 钉在十架 Nailed On The Cross

11. 天堂君王 King Of Heaven

12. 雅比斯的祷告 The Prayer Of Jabez

13. 祢奇妙的爱 I’m Held By Your Love

Explore the Justified Worship Albums

  1. 称義 Justified (Mandarin) – New Creation Worship (digital mp3 album)
  2. 称義 Justified (Hokkien) – New Creation Worship (digital mp3 album)

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3 responses to “Justified Worship Album by New Creation Church Singapore 称義专辑 – 新造教会”

  1. Lynn Avatar

    I see you have all the Justified 称義 Album lyrics. Could you possibly upload the Be Still 静默 album lyrics too? More specifically: 蒙福 Blessed

    Thank you!!! You don’t know how much I appreciate all these lyrics you have uploaded!!

    1. Phoebe Avatar

      Hi Lynn,
      Let me check if I have the album. Can’t remember.

      1. Lynn Avatar

        Thank you for checking, Phoebe!

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