King Of Heaven Lyrics By New Creation Church Singapore 天堂君王歌词

king of heaven lyrics

King of Heaven Lyrics in English and Mandarin. This worship song is written by New Creation Worship.

King of Heaven is a popular name for Christian songs. There are at least two other songs that I know of. One by Paul Baloche and the other by Hillsong United. Both are big names in the Christian music scene. But call me bias, I still prefer this song by New Creation Church.

It is sung to Him, making it great for personal worship.

King of Heaven Lyrics

Words & music by Karen Lim Copyright 2006 New Creation Church Singapore

Who is there like You Lord
Clothed in strength and beauty
Marvellous so wonderful in deeds

You who calmed the tempest
You who made the blind see
Mighty is Your hand to deliver me

King of heaven
Exalted above all
My victory, my song
Great in majesty and glory

King of heaven
You're worthy to be praised
All honour to Your name
Jesus, reign forevermore

天堂君王 King of Heaven Lyrics in Mandarin

谁能与您相比 全能全然美丽
何等 绝妙 作为也神奇

您使风平浪静 您开启蒙蔽眼睛

天堂君王 至高至上的主
我的胜利凯歌 尊贵与荣耀全属您

天堂君王 配得至高赞美
耶稣 永远的君王

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For God so loved you, He sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for you. You are precious to Him.

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