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my king lyrics

My King lyrics. This song paints the picture of Calvary’s Hill where Jesus shed His blood to ransom us. The Chinese lyrics and video are included. 祢是我君王的歌词。

The event of Jesus on the cross is so significant that Heaven stopped and looked down at Jesus all battered and bruised. He did it to take my place, my sin, and disgrace. Not for any other reason but for me.

This is how I see the song My King, a wonderful worship song.

My King Lyrics

Words & music by Sean Goh. Copyright 2008 New Creation Church, Singapore

The heavens stood still at Calvary's hill
You shed Your blood as my ransom price

You took my place, my sin and disgrace
Upon the cross where You became

The Lamb that was slain
Now risen, You reign

You are my King, your praises I sing
Your love has rescued me from the grave
I lift up Your name, declare it again
You are forever worthy, Lord

Jesus, You reign
Forever King of all



祢代替我 被釘在十架 


大愛拯救我脫離 黑暗


耶穌,掌權, 我永遠的君王 (x4) 


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