6 Free Knitted Mushrooms Patterns: Cute or Realistic

I don’t know why I have such a soft spot for knitted mushrooms. Perhaps it is because I like to eat them. On a serious note, mushrooms are easy to design. The caps are basically knitted circles and the stems are knitted narrow tubes. The rest is deciding whether to make it realistic or kawaii.

Knitted Button Mushrooms

Knitted Mushrooms designed by Abby K
Knitted Mushrooms designed by Abby K

Really cute mushrooms. I think Abby got the design just right. One look at the picture and I feel like making them. She mentioned that it would make good cat toys. Hmm, I have a few friends who have cats. 🙂

Find the free PDF downloadable pattern at Ravelry.

5 Types of Wild Mushrooms

Image source: kathrynivy.com

Grace offers 5 caps and 2 stem patterns for you to mix and match. The mushrooms are quite realistic. This pattern is also a great project to learn how to felt. If you are going to substitute yarn, make sure you use pure wool and one that hasn’t been superwash or else it wouldn’t felt.

Find the free web-based pattern at Kathrynivy.com.

Faery Mushrooms

faery mushrooms
Image source: ravelry.com

This pattern will make a 6-inch tall mushroom. There are instructions for a pair of eyeballs. I think they look quite scary for kids, so if you are planning to make this for a child, omit the eyeballs or replace them with embroidered eyes. I like the way the white dots were made.

Find the free PDF downloadable pattern at Ravelry.

Blackening Waxcap

Image source: oddknit.com

Jessica did 2 things to help the shape of the mushroom. First, she used rolled up strips of paper to hold up the stems, creating straight firm stems. Second, she used a bit of wax on the bottom of the stem to create a flat bottom allowing the mushroom to stand.

Find the free web-based pattern at Oddknit.com. Jessica has 2 more mushroom patterns on her website.

Toadstool Family by Jamie Hoffman

Designed by Jamie Hoffman as baby soft toys. Each toadstool is knitted in one piece. Yay, minimum sewing. The white dots on the caps are made using duplicate stitch. So cute. Perfect for babies.

Skills needed include knitting in the round, increasing and decreasing stitches.

Find the free PDF downloadable pattern at Ravelry.

Chantelle Mushrooms

Maths Crafts Australia designed this knitted Chantelle mushrooms to show that strange shapes are results of mathematical rules. By using the appropriate colour yarns, the outcome is a basketful of knitted Chantelle mushrooms.

The free pdf downloadable pattern is available at Find the free PDF downloadable pattern at Maths Craft Australia.

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Happy knitting!

knitted mushrooms patterns

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