13 Knitted Wild Animals Free Patterns From Armadillo, Beaver, Elephant, Flamingo, Octopus, Turtle, and More

Learn to create knitted toy animals with these knitted wild animals free patterns. 13 wild animals to choose from. It is a case of too many projects too little time.

1. Armadillo Knitting Pattern

Image source: Ravelry.com

For Gabrielle’s first attempt, this cute armadillo pattern is actually quite good. There are a couple of pieces but the making up is quite straightforward.

Find the free PDF pattern at Ravelry.

2. Beaver Knitting Pattern

Image source: Ravelry.com

This knitted beaver is about 16 inches long complete with a big flat tail. Don’t you just love its big fat butt?

Find the free PDF pattern at Ravelry.

3. Dolphin Knitting Pattern

Calypso’s dolphin is created by Laurence Totelin. It is based on a Greek mythology themed vase painting. It is knitted in the round in a single piece. The fins and tails are made by picking up stitches from the body.

I thought it is quite a straightforward knit especially if you have some experience with double knitting needles.

Find the free web-based knitted dolphin pattern at Penny’s Loom.

4. Elephant Knitting Pattern

knitted elephant
Image source: womansday.com

With 2 gleaming white tusks and flared ears, Sarah’s elephant reminds me of Babar The Elephant. Different parts of the body are knitted separately and then assembled. This gives the elephant a more realistic shape.

Find the web-based pattern at Womansday.com.

This pattern is part of a collection in a book called Knitted Wild Animals: 15 Adorable, Easy-to-Knit Toys by Sarah Keen.

5. Flamingo Knitting Pattern

knitted flamingo
Image source: blueskyfibers.com

Designed by Spud and Chloe, this pink flamingo has an added bouncy ball inside so it will bounce when you throw it. It gives the body a nice round shape too. You will need to know how to do a picot binding or at least be willing to learn it for the tail.

Find the free PDF pattern at Ravelry.com.

6. Goose Knitting Pattern

Knitted Goose
Image source: Ravelry.com

I thought Betsy’s goose pattern is really realistic for Canadian goose. The shaping is excellent for something knitted in the round as a single piece.

Find the free PDF pattern at Ravelry.com.

7. Hedgehog Knitting Pattern

Image source: purlsoho.com

This hedgehog has a really sweet face and a perfect shape. It doesn’t come with feet so if you think your hedgehog needs some, knit some of your own.

It is knitted as a single piece starting with the face, then the stockinette belly, then the garter stitch back and finally the ears.

Find the free web-based pattern at Purlsoho.com.

8. Octopus Knitting Pattern

Image source: knitty.com

The MOST realistic octopus I have ever seen! Cate uses plastic eyes and created eyelids which really add something different to the octopus. If you are knitting this for a small kid, you can substitute the eyes with safety eyes or use black yarn.

It is not for the faint-hearted, but one can learn a lot from this project.

Find the free web-based pattern at Knitty.com.

9. Rabbit Knitting Pattern

Sara's Henry's Rabbit
Image source: Ravelry.com

Henry bunny and Henry Rabbit are designed by the same designer. But Henry’s rabbit is about 12 inches long and 6 inches tall.

Besides their size differences, their construction cannot be more different too. All the pieces of this knitted rabbit are knitted in the round so there are minimal sewing up. The eyes, nose and whiskers can either be embroidered or sewn in buttons or felt pieces depending on the recipient. Find the free PDF pattern at Ravelry.

10. Robins Knitting Pattern

Image source: Lovecrafts.com

Robins seem like a sign for Spring in the temperate regions. Our tropical birds are always with us.

This pattern contains instructions for an adult, babies and a nest. The adult is knitted in the round. The wings are knitted separately and sewn onto the body. Dimensions is about 8 inches long, and 2 1/2 inches wide. Find the free downloadable PDF at Lovecrafts.com.

The designer, Sara Elizabeth Kellner, has designed quite a large collection of small animals and accessories.

11. Sheep Knitting Pattern

This sheep has an interesting construction technique. The “skeleton” is made up of pipe cleaners. Stuffing is wrapped around the limbs and head before the knitting even starts.

The fluffy body is made up of a knitted square. The original knit texture is basketweave but the designer encouraged experimentation. I can see knitting this in brioche stitch.

Find the free web-based pattern at theknitguru.com.

12. Turtle Knitting Pattern

knitted turtle
Image source: Knitty.com

Sheldon is cute but also practical. His shell can be removed to be washed separately. Knit up additional shells in different colours for Sheldon to change into. What great fun Sheldon makes a child.

Find the free web-based pattern at Knitty.com.

13. Zebra Knitting Pattern

Paul is a slightly more realistic zebra compared to Bernat’s Knit Zebra.

Using the Bravo Animal variegated yarn, creating Zebra Paul’s stripes is a breeze. There are 7 parts: the body and head are a single piece, 4 legs, 4 for ears.

It might be a bit fiddly to sew up, or at least I would feel so. I’m left-handed and do not sew very well.

Find the free PDF pattern at Schachenmayr.com.

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Happy knitting!

knitted wild animals free patterns

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