Watch 6 Mr Wong Movies in Chronological Order from 1938 to 1940

Mr Wong Movies

This Mr Wong Movies playlist consists of 6 movies from 1938 to 1940. Boris Karloff portrayed Mr Wong in the first 5 movies and Keye Luke portrayed Mr Wong in the last movie.

Mr James Lee Wong is a fictional Chinese American detective created by Hugh Wiley in 1934. The stories were first published in the Colliers magazine individually. They were later published as a collection entitled Murder by the Dozen.

Mr Wong is not a police detective nor a private investigator. He is similar to Charlie Chan, educated, gentlemanly, and clever. The plots are not as good as the Charlie Chan movies, but Boris Karloff made up for it.

1. Mr. Wong, Detective 1938

Mr Wong investigates 3 murders and uncovers an international spy ring planning to steal a formula for a poison gas.

2. The Mystery of Mr Wong 1939

Mr Wong investigates the murder of an antiques collector. His murder is likely connected to a famous jewel known as the Eye of the Daughter of the Moon. That is a long name for a jewel. So strange.

3. Mr Wong in Chinatown 1939

A pretty Chinese woman was killed by a poison dart in Mr Wong’s house. She turns out to be a Chinese princess.

4. The Fatal Hour 1940

Mr Wong helps Captain Street to investigate the murder of his best friend, Dan Grady.

5. Doomed to Die 1940

A shipping magnate is murdered and Mr Wong and a female reporter investigate.

6. Phantom of Chinatown 1940

This movie acts like a sort of prequel. It features a younger Mr Wong, played by Keye Luke. An archaeologist who recently returned from an expedition in China was murdered. Mr Wong investigates and uncovered a connection to an ancient scroll.

A blogger said that this could be the first American film that feature an Asian actor as the main lead. It is a great achievement if this is true.

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