Binge-watch Dayo Wong Stand Up Comedy 1990 – 2014 黃子華棟篤笑

dayo wong

I really enjoyed Dayo Wong Stand Up Comedy shows (黃子華棟篤笑) even though I may not fully understand the cultural references.

I compiled a playlist here so I don’t have to keep looking for them.

I first saw Dayo Wong in a TVB drama. It is about a detective that isn’t quite the conventional police officer. A most entertaining and enjoyable drama. Unfortunately, the Singapore TV stations didn’t bring in many other TV drama shows featuring him after that.

I didn’t know he has been doing stand up comedy since 1990. It is good that I found out recently and that a lot of his shows can be found on Youtube.

His shows are not belly-aching funny but they contain a lot of witty and insightful observations on the daily lives of the Hong Kong people and of humanity in general.

I am glad that I understand Cantonese, thanks to my parents for renting all those 80s Hong Kong drama video tapes. LOL!

1. 娛樂圈血肉史 The Bloody History of My Entertainment Career

2. 色情家庭 Family of Sex

3. 跟住去邊度 Where to Next?

4. 末世財神 God of Fortune at the End of the Century

5. 棟篤笑雙打之玩無可玩 Play Till You Fall Dead

6. 秋前算帳 Revenge Before Autumn

7. 拾下拾下拾年棟篤笑 10 Years of Stand Up Comedy

 8. 冇炭用 No Coal to Use

In the olden days and especially in China, coal is often used for suicide. Seal up a room and burn some coal to create carbon monoxide. It is a comfortable and pretty way to die.

To say “no coal to use” is to say “can’t even kill myself”. A reference to dire circumstances.

9. 兒童不宜 Parent Guidance Needed

10. 越大鑊越快樂 The Bigger the Wok, the Happier We are

11. 嘩眾取寵 Sensational

12. 娛樂圈血肉史2 The Bloody History of My Entertainment Career II

13. 洗燥

14. 唔黐線 唔正常 Not Crazy Not Normal

15. 金盆浪口 Retiring

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