Pastor Mark Ng Full-length Audio Messages 马可牧师 新造教会

A playlist of Pastor Mark Ng full-length messages. 新造教会华文事工马可牧的讲道。

Mark Ng is the pastor looking after the Chinese ministry of New Creation Church Singapore. His sermons contain anecdotes and practical biblical principles that the Chinese-speaking communities can relate to. He taught me many Chinese characters and how they point back to Jesus and the message of Grace.

Full-length English Messages

1. Chinese New Year Message

2. Testimony and Message

Pastor Mark’s testimony about how he got into financial difficulties and how Abba God delivered him from it.

Full-length Mandarin Messages by Pastor Mark Ng



3. 如何與神同行 (audio only)

4. 如何在生命中掌權 (audio only)

5. 足享天父厚賜的恩典

6. 唯有耶穌

7. 領受聖餐,得享健康完全!

8. 耶穌的降生,使我們時來運轉

9. 命定發旺

10. 恩典是不合邏輯的(二)

2020 Update

Finally, New Creation Church Chinese Ministry started a Youtube Channel. You can find a collection of daily devotionals and short-length sermon messages by Pastor Mark Ng there. Hop over now:

NCC Chinese Ministry Youtube

2022 Updates

The Chinese ministry has started broadcasting their Sunday services. Here is a playlist of Pastor Mark Ng’s Sunday service messages.


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