The Tabernacle of Moses Points to Jesus

Have you ever played with a toy model of the Tabernacle of Moses? The details of the tabernacle can be found in Exodus 26. Every article points to an aspect of Jesus.

A good model should have parts for curtains, boards, pillars, the Ark of the Covenant, the Mercy Seat, the stone tablets, Aaron’s rod, the pot of manna, the Lampstand, the Table of Showbread, the Altar of Incense, the Altar of burnt offering, the golden basin, priests, high priest, and the animal sacrifices: bulls, sheep, lambs.

It is a fun way to dig into the Word of God, especially Exodus and Deuteronomy.

The description of the lampstand (also known as the menorah) is at Exodus 25:31-40. Holding the little model in my hand, I can see the branches, the flowers, and the buds as described. One single piece of hammered gold. Imagine the workmanship needed.

The altar of the burnt offering (Exodus 27:1-8) and the altar of incense (Exodus 30:1-5) have a similar design but their dimensions are different. The altar of the burnt offering is larger.

The boards of the tabernacle didn’t fit together properly. We realised that we were supposed to insert a thin metal rod in the middle of the boards. One rod each for all the 3 sides. The metal rods made a big difference. The boards lined up so straight and strong. We all thought that God is such a genius.

I learnt a lot about the tabernacle putting the model together. Come to think of it, the real Tabernacle of Moses is also a model. We know that it describes Jesus; His person and His works.

Jesus is the original Tabernacle of Moses

Joseph Prince taught on the Secrets of the Tabernacle of Moses. I benefitted a lot from this teaching.

Secrets Of The Tabernacle Revealed—Find Provision, Healing, And Blessings In God’s House

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Be greatly blessed!

Tabernacle of Moses

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