Binge-watch The Professionals TV Series – 57 Episodes In Chronological Order

the professionals tv series

The Professionals TV Series was broadcasted from 1977 to 1981. Starring Martin ShawLewis Collins and Gordon Jackson. There are 5 series and 57 episodes.

I found this series because I was looking for works by Martin Shaw after watching him as Inspector Dalgliesh in Death in Holy Orders and The Murder Room.

The Professionals is a story about a group of agents from Criminal Intelligence 5 (CI5), a fictional British law enforcement department, empowered to use any means to deal with serious crimes that go beyond the capacity of the police, security service or the military.

Some folks have kindly posted the episodes on Youtube and so here is the compilation in order.

I read that the series is controversial. It is a production of its time and society. I try not to take offence at things past.

Quick Links

The Professionals TV Series 1

Episode 1 – Private Madness Public Danger

Episode 2 – The Female Factor

Episode 3 – Old Dog With New Tricks

Episode 4 – Killer With A Long Arm

Episode 5 – Heroes

Episode 6 – Where The Jungle Ends

Episode 7 – Close Quarters

Episode 8 – Everest Was Also Conquered

Episode 9 – When The Heat Cools Off

Episode 10 – Stakeout

Episode 11 – Long Shot

Episode 12 – Look After Annie

Episode 13 – Klansmen

The Professionals TV Series 2

Episode 1 – Hunter Hunted

Episode 2 – The Rack

Episode 3 – First Night

Episode 4 – Man Without a Past

Episode 5 – In the Public Interest

Episode 6 – Rogue

Episode 7 – Not a Very Civil Civil Servant

Episode 8 – A Stirring of Dust

Episode 9 – Blind Run

Episode 10 – Fall Girl

The Professionals TV Series 3

Episode 1 – The Purging Of Ci5

Episode 2 – Backtrack

Episode 3 – Stopover

Episode 4 – Dead Reckoning

Episode 5 – The Madness Of Mickey Hamilton

Episode 6 – A Hiding To Nothing

Episode 7 – Runner

Episode 8 – Servant of Two Masters

The Professionals TV Series 4

Episode 1 – The Acorn Syndrome

Episode 2 – Wild Justice

Episode 3 – Fugitive

Episode 4 – Involvement

Episode 5 – Need to Know

Episode 6 – Take Away

Episode 7 – Blackout

Episode 8 – Blood Sports

Episode 9 – Slush Fund

Episode 10 – The Gun

Episode 11 – Hijack

Episode 12 – Mixed Doubles

Episode 13 – Weekend in the Country

Episode 14 – Kickback

Episode 15 – It’s Only a Beautiful Picture

The Professionals TV Series 5

Episode 1 – Foxhole on the Roof

Episode 2 – Operation Susie

Episode 3 – You’ll Be Alright

Episode 4 – Lawson’s Last Stand

Episode 5 – Discovered in a Graveyard

Episode 6 – Spy Probe

Episode 7 – Cry Wolf

Episode 8 – The Untouchables

Episode 9 – The Ojuka Situation

Episode 10 – A Man Called Quinn

Episode 11 – No Stone

If any of the videos are unavailable, leave me a comment to let me know.

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