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Looking for Inspector Dalgliesh full episodes to binge-watch? This playlist includes 12 dramatizations of the 14 published stories. Dalgliesh was played by Roy Marsden in 10 and Martin Shaw in 2.

The first Inspector Dalgliesh drama I watched was “The Murder Room” with Martin Shaw playing Adam Dalgliesh. I enjoyed it thoroughly and found “Death in Holy Orders“. Then, I discovered the 1980s/90s TV series with Roy Marsden playing Adam Dalgliesh.

Growing up, I had never heard of PD James, the author who created Inspector Dalgliesh and wrote 14 crime mystery stories (affiliate link) involving him. So she was a late discovery for me.

It was a pleasant surprise to find 12 of the 14 stories adapted for television and available on Youtube. The Lighthouse and The Private Patient have not been dramatized.

The playlist is organised according to the Adam Dalgliesh books in order of publication dates and not when the TV dramatization was released.

1. Cover Her Face – Roy Marsden as Adam Dalgliesh (1962)

Chief Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh investigates the death of Alice Liddell who ran a home for unwed mothers. One of those residents is Sally Jupp who was a witness in a drugs smuggling and murder investigation in London.

Sally works at the local manor house for the Maxies and it is apparent that eldest son Stephen has more than just a passing interest in her. The night after they announce their engagement, Sally is found strangled in her bed.

The question is whether her death is related to the London investigation or a completely different reason altogether. Her engagement created a good deal of ill-feeling among the Maxies and several guests in the house with any one of them having a motive to kill her.

2. A Mind to Murder – Roy Marsden (1963)

Inspector Dalgliesh investigates the murder of the Director of the Steen Clinic, which specializes in psychiatric cases. There is a number of possible suspects and as Dalgliesh is fond to say, the motive for murder is inevitably greed or love.

3. Unnatural Causes – Roy Marsden (1967)

A famous mystery writer was found dead in a small boat with both of his hands chopped off. Although Adam was on holiday to visit his aunt, he was drawn into the mystery and uncover the truth.

4. Shroud for a Nightingale – Roy Marsden (1971)

Two student nurses died mysteriously at Nightingale House, a hospital nursing school. Are their deaths related?

5. The Black Tower – Roy Marsden (1975)

Deaths in a care home are to be expected. But when four happened in rapid succession, something seems amiss.

6. Death of an Expert Witness – Roy Marsden (1977)

Dr Edwin Lorrimer, a forensic biologist and expert witness, has been murdered. With no physical evidence and too many suspects and motives, solving this murder seems hopeless.

7. A Taste for Death – Roy Marsden (1986)

Two bodies were found with their throats slashed. One is a vagrant and the other a baronet. What is the connection between the two?

The video for Episode 5 can’t be embedded. Visit to watch it.

8. Devices and Desires (1989)

During a retreat to Larksoken, a remote headland with a nuclear power plant, Adam discovered the murdered body of the Acting Administrative officer of the plant. Is he the victim of a psychopathic serial killer known as the Norfolk Whistler?

9. Original Sin – Roy Marsden (1994)

The managing director of Peverell Press, Gerard Etienne is murdered. Who is next?

10. A Certain Justice – Roy Marsden (1997)

A brilliant criminal lawyer, Venetia Aldridge, was murdered in her office soon after she successfully defended Garry Ashe of the murder of his aunt. All the suspects seem to have unbreakable alibis.

The video for Episode 3 cannot be embedded. Please watch it at

11. Death in Holy Orders – Martin Shaw as Inspector Dalgliesh (2001)

Dalgliesh was asked to conduct an informal investigation into the death of a student at St. Anselm’s Theological College when a visiting archdeacon is murdered. Two more murders follow. Dalgliesh needs to find the connections between them and find the murderer and his motives.

The full-length movie is no longer available on Youtube. Streaming is now only available for Sky TV subscribers.

There are 5 clips at Dailymotion but they are choppy and full of ads. I’ve included them here for anyone interested to take a look but they are not ideal.

12. The Murder Room – Martin Shaw (2003)

The Dupayne Museum is the property of three siblings who are fighting with each other over renewing the lease for the property that houses the museum. When one of the brothers is killed, suspicion fell on the other two.

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