8 Free Baby Knitted Headband With Bow Projects Featuring Different Knit Textures

Baby knitted headband with bow is more popular than a headband with flowers because it is suitable for baby boys as well as baby girls.

I noticed more patterns using garter stitch than any other stitch patterns. I guess it is because it is more stretchy and will fit a growing baby for a longer period of time. It is also one of the easiest knit stitch to pick up for beginners.

2 of the knitted baby headbands are knitted in a single piece which avoided the need to handle small fiddly pieces. I would definitely try one of them.

1. Little Bow Headband by Amanda Allcock

Image source: https://www.ravelry.com

Designed by Amanda Allcock for her own daughter. It does not contain precise measurements. Instead, she gave instructions on how to measure the recipient and determine the dimensions required.

Knitted in garter stitch in 2 pieces. The bow is attached to the band by picking up 9 stitches and knitting a narrow loop on the band. For a more pronounced bow, make a broader piece by casting on more stitches.

I like that the bow piece can be removed and replaced.

The free web-based pattern is available Amandaindieknits.blogspot.com.

2. Knitted Bow Headband and Hair Clip

Image source: Spicy Jellybean Kids

Also knitted in garter stitch, this headband is knitted in 3 separate pieces. It is similar in construction to Little Bow Headband.

The instructions is clearly laid out with helpful pictures. Instructions on making the bow into a hair clip is included.

The free web-based pattern is available at Spicyjellybean.blogspot.com.

3. Garter Be Kidding Me Bow Headband

This is the 3rd garter stitch baby headband in this list. The bow is wider which I quite like.

4. Knit Easy Baby Bow Headband

This pretty headband is also done in garter stitch. It is knitted in a single band with shaping for the bow which is then sewn together in place.

It is a smart way to create the band and the bow at the same time. The instructions is embedded in the video. I don’t think the designer has a written pattern.

5. The Savannah Bow

Savannah bow
Image source: Blue Sky Fibers at Ravelry

The Savannah bow is a free pattern from Blue Sky Fibers. You will need to know how to knit, purl, and knit in the round.

It is made up of the headband and a bow that is knitted separately.

The headband is knitted in the round using seed stitch. The bow is knitted as a rectangle using seed stitch and shape into a bow by wrapping yarn tightly in the middle of the rectangle. Attach the bow to the headband to finish the look.

The free PDF pattern is available at Ravelry.

6. Bow Headband in Seed Stitch

This headband is knitted in seed stitch like the Savannah headband but the construction is closer to the 4th pattern, Knit Easy Baby Bow Headband. It is knitted in a single piece using increases and decreases to shape the bow.

The bow is formed by tying a knot. In this case, this baby headband has a live knot. There is both a video tutorial and written instructions. However, the instructions are not that comprehensive. Watch the video for the general idea and follow the instructions for the seed stitch and the shaping.

Find the free web-based pattern at Lanasyovillos.com.

7. Knit Baby Bow Headband at Little Red Window

Image source: https://littleredwindow.com

The Knit baby bow band is knitted in 2×2 ribbing in the round. This gives the band some elasticity. The bow is knitted separately in garter stitch and sewn onto the band. They look cute and sweet in pastel colours.

The basic 12-month size is free on Little Red Window. Pay a little fee to get instructions for other sizes.

The free pattern and step by step instructions for the bow with pictures at Littleredwindow.com.

8. Easy Baby Headband with Big Bow

Image source: https://www.to-knit-knitting-stitches.com

This baby headband features a big floppy bow. Knitted in single rib, the bow is a band loop with the shape sewn into place and attached to the band which is also single rib.

The free web-based pattern is available at www.to-knit-knitting-stitches.com.

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Happy knitting!

baby knitted headband with bow

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