8 Free Knitted Baby Headbands – Twists, Bows, Crowns and More

knitted baby headbands

Baby headbands are quite quick to knit up. Basically, it is a narrow ring that fit the baby’s head.

There are 2 ways to construct a narrow ring: Knit it flat or knit it in the round. Variations are achieved with the choice of yarn, yarn colour, and types of embellishments. I selected the following knitted baby headbands because of their varied constructions. From simple twists, bows, crowns, and cats.

1. Scout Knitted Baby Headband

Scout Baby Headband
Image source: Allison Sanzon at Ravelry

This little headband looks like a turban with a simple twist. You need to know how to do ribbing and a simple cable. Use the whip stitch to attach the 2 ends together to form the band. Or use a provisional cast-on so that the 2 ends can be grafted together using the Kitchener stitch to create a seamless band. The designer Allison has three more baby headband designs in her Ravelry store.

Free PDF pattern at Ravelry

2. The Savannah Bow

Savannah bow
Image source: Blue Sky Alpacas at Ravelry

The Savannah bow is a free pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas. You will need to know how to knit, purl, and knit in the round.

It is made up of the headband and a bow that is knitted separately.

The headband is knitted in the round using seed stitch. The bow is knitted as a rectangle using seed stitch and shape into a bow by wrapping yarn tightly in the middle of the rectangle. Attach the bow to the headband to finish the look.

Free PDF pattern at Ravelry

3. Cutie Pie Knitted Baby Headband

8 Free Knitted Baby Headbands - Twists, Bows, Crowns and More
Image source: http://knitting.bhookedcrochet.com

This cutie pie headband uses a simple stockinette stitch. The squishiness of the band comes from the fluffy yarn used.

Knitted sideways and joined by sewing the 2 ends together. If you want a seamless band, use a provisional cast-on and graft the 2 ends together using the Kitchener stitch. Sew on the button and shape the headband.

The pattern is available in two sizes: 0-3 months and 3-6 months. It is available at B.hooked Knitting’s website and the designer provided 3 videos to show how to make this headband.

Free web-based pattern at Bhookedcrochet

4. Floral Band

8 Free Knitted Baby Headbands - Twists, Bows, Crowns and More
Image source: http://pwaknits.blogspot.sg

This baby floral band spots a narrow garter border sandwiching a stockinette band. Create different colour combinations by using yarns of different colours.

The designer made some flowers as embellishments which meant they are for girls. But by changing up the embellishments, it is one of the rare baby headband knitting patterns for boys. Possible embellishments include basic shapes, stars, buttons and more.

Free web-based pattern at Pwaknits

5. Little Gypsy Headband

8 Free Knitted Baby Headbands - Twists, Bows, Crowns and More

This is a gypsy-inspired pattern. Worked in the round into a single piece by purling 3 rows and knitting 3 rows alternately. A short I-cord wrapped around the band gives the band the shape. Changing the colour combination of the alternate rows make endless designs.

Free web-based pattern at Inkstainedwife

6. Henya’s Knit Crown for little boys

Henya Knit Crown
Image source: chickenstitches.com

A knitted crown for a little boy. It is knitted sideway so the size can be adjusted as it is being knitted up. You need to know provisional cast on, garter stitch knitting and increasing and decreasing.

Free web-based pattern at Chickenstitches

7. Dani’s Circlet for little girls

Dani Circlet
Image source: buffoo at Ravelry

Dani’s circlet is a female version of a crown, for a princess. Need to know how to add beads when knitting.

This free PDF pattern is available at Ravelry

8. Cat Headband

Cat Headband
Image source: https://makeetc.com/blogs/knitting-and-crochet/cat-headband

This pattern was designed for a toddler but I do not see why it cannot be tweaked to fit a baby. Substitute the yarn or knit fewer rows.

The headband is a stockinette stitch with a garter border. The ears are 4 knitted triangles that are oversew together and attached to the headband.

Change the shapes of the ears and yarn colours to create different animals.

Free web-based pattern at: Make Etc

We have come to the end of this post. I hope you found what you are looking for. Let me know, okay?

Happy knitting

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