What is Et Doner? Turkey Fast Food?

et doner

Et Doner is a common sight in Turkey. Whether I was in Istanbul or Antalya, doner shops are everywhere, just like MacDonald’s are everywhere in the US.

Et Doner is Turkey’s version of fast food. It is a humongous stack of meat grilled on a vertical rotating pin. It is typically served with salad in a durum wrap, in bread or over rice.

The picture above shows a typical Et doner menu found in a doner shop in Turkey. Et means meat. But meat from which animal? When we asked one doner shop whether the Et is beef or mutton, they said it is both. Apparently, a lot of the meat stacks are made from a mixture of both meat because beef is expensive.

Menu 1 and 2 serve the Et doner in either a Turkish wrap called durum or a Turkish pita bread called Gobit. The difference is the portion of the meat.

Pilav Ustu is Et doner served with rice. Et Iskender is Et doner served generously with a tomato based sauce.

Kofte refers to meat balls. Again, it is a mixture of beef and mutton. They can be served in bread (known as ekmek) or on top of another type of bread (porsiyon), on rice (pilav), and in a durum.

Et does not include chicken. There is a whole other menu for chicken. It is called the Tavuk doner menu.

One of my first doner meal in Istanbul is the kofte ekmek. It comes with a side of thick potato chips and an iced Ayran, a thin yoghurt drink ubiquitous in Turkey. This delicious meal costs me TL25 which works out to be SG$2.00. You can’t find a doner kebab in Singapore at this price.

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