5 Free Knit Diaper Cover Patterns Featuring a Variety of Constructions

There are no well-trodden paths when it comes to a knit diaper cover pattern. Any technique is possible to create the right shape and cover.

I was introduced to knit diaper cover patterns by another knitter on Facebook.

The author of www.thinking-about-cloth-diapers.com wrote a comprehensive article on different types of diaper covers. There is a section on wool diaper covers also known as wool soakers. The benefits of a wool diaper cover are absorbency, breathability and anti-bacterial. It is not only good for winter but summer as well because it helps regulate body temperature.

When I was a young girl, I babysit my much younger cousins. Our family used cloth diapers then. I still remember having to fold so many white muslin sheets into the classic triangular shapes for my baby cousins. If only I knew about diaper covers, I could have knitted some cute ones for them.

The compilation below contains diapers knitted in various different ways.

1. Marianna’s Hideaway Nappy Cover

Knit diaper cover pattern
Image source: Marianna of mariannaslazydaisydays.blogspot.sg

Knitted flat in one piece from the back-ribbed band to the front-ribbed band. The 4 buttons are sewn onto the front band to correspond with the buttonholes at the back. No seaming is required. 

The pattern is free on Marianna’s website. There is no printable version but you should be able to copy and paste it into a word document. She has more patterns for babies on her website. Check them out.

Marianna provides knitting instructions for a practical and pretty diaper cover. It uses 4 buttons to secure the diaper cover. There are 5 sizes from pre-mature to babies from 0 to 3 months old. It is not a professional pattern, just a generous lady sharing her patterns.

Free Pattern: Hideaway Nappy Cover

2. Garter Stitch Diaper Cover

photo credit: Marta Porcel

This knit diaper cover pattern is designed by Marta Porcel.

Similar to Marianne’s nappy cover, this garter stitch diaper cover is knitted in one piece and held in place by buttons. Garter stitch produces a thicker, and squishier cover.

This free pattern can be found at Creativaatelier.com. It has clear, step by step instructions with pictures.

3. Punk Rock Knitters’ Wool Soaker

Wool Soaker
Image source: Punk Rock Knitters

This is a pull-up diaper cover with eyelets for an i-cord or a drawstring. Pattern includes sizes from newborn to toddler. I went through the instructions and thought the construction is interesting.

Knitted in the round from the ribbed band down towards the bottom. Knit to the top of the leg opening before placing the live stitches on the front of the diaper onto a stitch holder and continue to knit flat according to instructions. Join the live stitches on the stitch holder and those on the knitting needles using the Kitchener stitch. The pattern is available free on the Punk Rock Knitters website.

Pattern: The Wool Soaker

4. Adaptation Soaker by Connie Stults

Adaptation soaker
Image source: Connie Stultz at Ravelry

Isn’t this adaptation soaker just too cute to use? It reminds me of a retro bathing suit.

Knitted flat in garter stitch from waistband to waistband in a single piece. It is then folded and seamed. It has a ribbed waistband and leg cuffs. The length of the leg cuffs is adjustable. I think a longer leg cuff might be nicer.

Pattern: The Adaptation Soaker

5. Super Soakers by Sarah Smuland

Image source: Sarah Smuland at Ravelry

This soaker looks similar to the Punk Rock Knitters’ wool soaker but the construction is totally different. Knitted flat into a rectangle from the waistband to the tip, it is then folded and seamed.

Pattern: Spud and Chloe’s Super Soaker

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Happy knitting!

knit diaper cover pattern

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