All 42 Sherlock Holmes 1984 TV Series Episodes Arranged in Order

sherlock holmes 1984 TV series

Jeremy Brett stars as Sherlock Holmes in 4 seasons of the Sherlock Holmes 1984 TV series. All 42 episodes are listed here according to dates of broadcast.

I enjoyed watching Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes in this 1984 TV series produced by Granada Television from 1984 to 1994. I cannot imagine the amount of work and effort put into producing so many episodes.

The 42 full episodes used to be available on Youtube. They have all been taken down due to copyright. They are now available with a paid subscription to Amazon Prime Video or Britbox (affiliate link).

Season 1 – Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Episode 1 – A Scandal in Bohemia

The King of Bohemia asks Holmes to retrieve a compromising photograph from actress and singer Irene Adler. She proves to be a worthy opponent.

Episode 2 – The Dancing Men

Hilton Cubitt employs Holmes to investigate drawings of dancing stick figures that appear on his estate mysteriously.

Episode 3 – The Naval Treaty

Holmes must find a naval treaty that was stolen from a Foreign Office clerk and prevent an international scandal. 

Episode 4 – The Solitary Cyclist

Violet Smith, a young music teacher, is followed by a mysterious cyclist on her way to and from work. Holmes connects this with her employer’s marriage proposal.

Episode 5 – The Crooked Man

Colonel Barclay is found dead in a locked room with his wife. A missing key helps Holmes proves her innocence.

Episode 6 – The Speckled Band

Helen Stoner’ stepfather moves her into the room in which her sister mysteriously died. She seeks help from Holmes.

Episode 7 – The Blue Carbuncle 

A unique blue diamond ends up in a goose’s gullet, Holmes and Watson undertake a Christmas investigation.

Episode 8 – The Copper Beeches

Violet Hunter contacts Holmes about her employer’s strange requests for her to cut her hair and wear a particular dress.

Episode 9 – The Greek Interpreter

Holmes, Watson and Holmes’s brother Mycroft learn of a Greek interpreter who was kidnapped and forced to communicate with an abductee.

Episode 10 – The Norwood Builder

A solicitor was asked by a man he had never met to draw up a will leaving his fortune to him. He consults Holmes after he’s been accused of murdering the man.

Episode 11 – The Resident Patient

A doctor asks Holmes about the strange behaviour of the man who set him up with a prestigious practice in return for a percentage of his income.

Episode 12 – The Red-Headed League

Jabez Wilson consults Holmes when the Red-hair league mysteriously vanish. As a result, their true goal is soon uncovered.

Episode 13 – The Final Problem

After foiling Moriarty’s plan to steal the Mona Lisa, Holmes survives several attempts on his life from Moriarty’s agents. The two face each other at the Reichenbach Falls for the last time. (Last appearance of David Burke as Dr Watson).

Season 2 – The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Episode 14 – The Empty House

Holmes returns to England, to Watson’s shocking surprise, and must stop a member of Moriarty’s gang who is trying to assassinate him. (First appearance of Edward Hardwicke as Dr Watson)

Episode 15 – The Priory School

A rich duke reluctantly allows Holmes to search for his ten-year-old son who is missing from his boarding school along with the German tutor.

A rich duke reluctantly allows Holmes to search for his ten-year-old son who is missing from his boarding school along with the German tutor.

Episode 16 – The Second Stain

The Prime Minister asks Holmes to help recover a stolen letter which could lead to war if released.

Episode 17 – The Musgrave Ritual

Holmes is called in to investigate the disappearance of Sir Reginald Musgrave’s butler. He was last seen reading an old document about a mysterious family ritual.

Episode 18 – The Abbey Grange

Lord Brackenstall has been murdered and his battered wife says that a thief and his sons were the culprits.

Episode 19 – The Man with the Twisted Lip

Watson finds Holmes in an opium den, where he has been sent to look for Neville St Clair, who is suspected to have been killed by a beggar.

Episode 20 – The Six Napoleons

Holmes is contacted by Inspector Lestrade after the police are baffled by a series of burglaries serving only to steal and smash identical busts of Napoleon.

Episode 21 – The Sign of Four (Feature-length)

Holmes and Watson discover a secret pact between four convicts during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 after meeting Mary Morstan.

Episode 22 – The Devil’s Foot

In Cornwall, Holmes investigates the mysterious death of a sister and the insanity of her two brothers.

Episode 23 – Silver Blaze

Holmes investigates the disappearance of a prized racehorse and the death of its trainer.

Episode 24 – Wisteria Lodge

An amateur cartographer discovered his host missing in the middle of the night. As a result, he seeks Holmes assistance.

Episode 25 – The Bruce-Partington Plans

Top-secret blueprints for a submarine are found on the body of a civil servant found dead on the tracks of the Underground. Mycroft asked Holmes to investigate.

Episode 26 – The Hound of Baskerville (Feature-length)

Sir Charles Baskerville was found dead with a horrible expression on his face. He suffered a heart attack after seeing a mysterious demonic spirit of a gigantic hound. After that, Dr Mortimer asked Sherlock Holmes to save Sir Henry the heir of the Baskerville estate and to solve the mystery of the demonic curse.

Season 3 – The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes

Episode 27 – The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax

Holmes must save a suffragette after Watson meets her and notices she is troubled by a mysterious bearded man.

Episode 28 – The Problem of Thor Bridge

A governess is arrested for shooting and killing Maria Gibson. The dead woman’s husband approached Holmes to help prove her innocence.

Episode 29 – Shoscombe Old Place

The horse trainer of a debt-ridden aristocrat consults Holmes about his employer’s behaviour.

Episode 30 – The Boscombe Valley Mystery

James McCarthy’s father was found dead after a heated argument with him. Holmes must help find the murderer.

Episode 31 – The Illustrious Client

Sir James Damery asks Holmes to stop a general’s daughter from marrying a philandering but attractive murderer.

Episode 32 – The Creeping Man

The daughter of scientist Professor Presbury sees her father’s face at her second-storey window. Holmes connects this with recent zoo thefts.

Episode 34 –  The Master Blackmailer (Feature-length)

Holmes and Watson attempt to thwart the schemes of the infamous blackmailer Charles Augustus Milverton from blackmailing Lady Eva Blackwell. Things do not seem as easy as they do. And Holmes must sacrifice his morality and his honourable career to stop Milverton from wrecking her marriage.

Episode 35 – The Last Vampyre (Feature-length)

Sherlock Holmes is called upon to investigate a series of deaths that seem to be related to John Stockton, who is rumoured to be descended from a family of vampires.

Episode 36 – The Eligible Bachelor (Feature-length)

Holmes suffers from disturbing dreams as he helps to find the missing wife of Lord Robert St. Simon.

Season 4 – Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Episode 37 – The Three Gables

After her grandson’s death, an old woman consults Holmes, after refusing a strange offer to buy her house including all its contents.

Episode 38 – The Dying Detective

Victor Savage begins using opium and behaving strangely. Worried, his wife consults Holmes. Victor dies, and Holmes suspects his cousin, knowledgeable in rare diseases.

Episode 39 – The Golden Pince-nez

Holmes and Mycroft investigate the murder of a professor’s assistant who died clutching a woman’s pince-nez.

Episode 40 – The Red Circle

Mrs Hudson asks Holmes to help her friend with a lodger who insists on nobody entering his room, and his secret past is uncovered.

Episode 41 – The Mazarin Stone

Mycroft investigates the theft of the Mazarin Stone from a museum. At the same time, Watson investigates the mystery of the surname of Garrideb.

Episode 42 – The Cardboard Box

Susan Cushing is sent two severed ears. And Holmes connects the case with her missing sister.

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