8 Knitted Bib Patterns In All Shapes, Colours, and Sizes,

Practise your knitting skills with these 8 knitted bib patterns that is quick and easy.

Baby bibs are quicker to knit than baby blankets or baby cardigans. So if I am short of time when knitting a baby gift, I’ll consider a set of knitted bibs.

Knit bibs using yarns that are super washable. Cotton, hemp, and acrylic are the best. There are many baby bib patterns on the Internet. I like those with interesting constructions so this list will consist mostly of those. 🙂

1. I Love Stockinette Baby Bib

I Love Stockinette Baby Bib
Image source: Berrocco.com

This pattern consists of mostly stockinette stitch with a garter border. Need to know how to cast on, knit, purl, increase, decrease, short row, i-cord and applied i-cord. According to the designer Laura, the short rows make it easier to knit and provide a more finished look. She provided some brief instructions for making short rows, hopefully making it unnecessary to spend more time finding instructions elsewhere.

The garter stitch border not only looks nice, but it is also prevent curling because stockinette stitch likes to curl. So, the garter border is compulsory.

This free PDF pattern is available at www.ravelry.com

2. Norah Gaughan’s Orangelo Baby Bib

Orangelo bib
Image source: Berrocco.com

This crescent-shaped bib is worked in segments. Start by casting on the garter stitch border. Stitches are then divided into seven segments. The decreases are worked at the edges of each segment, bringing each one to a point at the neck. 

I think the instructions are straightforward enough. I’m just not a fan of long cast-on. Let see how it goes.

This free PDF pattern is available at www.berroco.com

3. Kerchief Bib by Julia Vaconsin

Baby bib knitting pattern
Image source: Julia Vaconsin at Ravelry

I really like this triangle-shaped bib. It looks more like a cowboy’s handkerchief rather than a bib. I think that’s what the designer was aiming for.

Knitted in garter stitch, the bib is a squishy flat piece of knitted work. Need to know how to do increases in garter stitch. It is not difficult and may even be addictive. Need to know how to rejoin yarn for the shaping of the bib.

This free word document is available at www.ravelry.com

4. Elaine Fitzpatrick’s Turtle Love Baby Bib

Turtle Love Baby Bib
Image source: http://downcloverlaine.blogspot.sg

This Turtle Love bib features a seed or moss stitch border with a cute turtle silhouette knitted in purl stitches against a stockinette background.

Elaine gave very detailed instructions. She provides 2 ways to cast on and 2 ways to make the cords. She also created a chart for the turtle design. The pattern is available free at Elaine’s website. Elaine has many other bib patterns on her website. Do check them out.

This free pdf pattern is available at www.downcloverlaine.us

5. April Cromwell’s Knit Bib

April Cromwell's knit bib
Image source: https://bysmallmeans.wordpress.com

April’s bib pattern is similar to the Big Baby Bib. It should fit a baby for about the first year. The straps can be closed with a button and a button-hole or velcro.

This free pdf pattern is available at bysmallmeans.files.wordpress.com

6. Marte Fagervik’s Bluebell Bib

Marte Fagervik's Bluebell Bib
Image source: Marte Fagervik at Ravelry

This bluebell bib is knitting sideways using short rows. The designer uses the wrapped stitch as an increase. I am not familiar with this knit-the-wrapped-stitch technique. Read the pattern carefully or try it out first. This pattern is not professionally written but I like the idea of a flower-shaped bib so, I am keeping this.

This free PDF pattern is available at www.ravelry.com

7. Blank Canvas Bib by Homespooled

Blank Canvas Bib by Homespooled
Image source: Homespooled at Ravelry

The blank canvas bib is an unusually shaped bib. It really is like a blank canvas where you can exercise your creativity to embellish it. It has no buttons or straps. No more fiddling and tying straps, button-holes and buttons, velcros. Size available for 6 months to 3 years old.

Knitted using seed stitch, the neck opening is created by binding off and casting on. The pattern is not professionally written but it is fairly systematic.

This free PDF pattern is available at www.ravelry.com

8. Bookman Bandana – infantʼs bib

Bookman Bandana
Image source: Home Sweet Home at Ravelry

Designed by Diandra Jurkic-Walls, this bib is actually more like a rectangular scarf in baby size. It features a single cable and a garter stitch edging. It works well with variegated yarns. This is one of the more stylish and less babyish bib patterns I have come across so far.

Just because you are a baby doesn’t mean you can’t drool in style right?

This free PDF pattern is available at www.ravelry.com

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Happy knitting!

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