Let Us Exalt His Name – The Psalm 34 Song Sang By Joseph Prince

Let us exalt His Name is a worship song written by Stuart Dauermann in 1982. The lyrics are heavily inspired by Psalm 34.

Psalm 34 is written and sang by David when he was hiding from King Saul and Abimelech king of Gad. Even though his life was in danger, He continues to praise and bless the Lord. He knew the Lord is good and that by seeking the Lord, he shall be safe.

Let Us Exalt His Name Lyrics

At all times I will bless Him. 
His praise will be in my mouth.
My soul makes its boast in the Lord.
The humble man will hear of Him. 
The afflicted will be glad,
And join with me to magnify the Lord.

Let us exalt His name together forever.
I sought the Lord, He heard me and delivered me from my fears.
Let us exalt His name together forever.
Oh, sing His praises and magnify the Lord.

The angel of the Lord encamps, round those who fear His name,
To save them and deliver them from harm.
Though lions roar with hunger, We lack for no good thing,
No wonder then we praise Him with our song.

Come, children now and hear me, If you would see long life,
Just keep your lips from wickedness and lies,
Do good and turn from evil, Seek peace instead of strife,
Love righteousness and God will hear your cry.

Teaching on Psalm 34

The video clip below is a sermon excerpt by Joseph Prince expounding Psalm 34.

I find comfort in Abba God’s promise to hear me and deliver me from my fears. I imagine His angels encamp around me and save me and deliver me from harm.

Both my internal fears and external dangers are taken care of. Abba God thinks of everything.

Finally, I know that Abba God can do all these good things for me because of Jesus. He is the overflowing blessing God poured out in Malachi 3.

Let Us Exalt His Name in Hebrew

I found this version in Hebrew. It is refreshing to listen to a worship song in Hebrew. The guy has a good voice.

Other songs based on Psalm 34

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let us exalt his name

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