Watch Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson TV Series Free – 23 Full Episodes

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson is a 1979 television series with Geoffrey Whitehead as Sherlock Holmes and Donald Pickering as John Watson.

This television series is very watchable. Donald Pickering as Dr. Watson is more intelligent even though he still doesn’t get most of the deductions. Geoffrey Whitehead as Sherlock is less edgy and looks like the consummate gentleman. He is not my favourite Holmes’ actor but he is a close second. Patrick Newell‘s Inspector Lestrade is also likeable. I enjoy the comic interactions between the 3 characters in many of the episodes.

Some of the storylines are the same as the Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes series. Since the producer is the same person, Sheldon Reynolds, I presume he recycled the scripts.

The audio and visual quality of most of the episodes is not great. I have tried to find the ones with a full episode in a single clip as well as those with the correct aspect ratio. Hope it helps.

Episode 1 – A Motive for Murder

It was a pleasant surprise to see a fairly young Julian Fellowes (creator, executive producer and writer of Downtown Abbey) in this episode. He appears again in Episode 8, A Case of High Security.

Episode 2 – The Case of the Speckled Band

Episode 3 – Murder on a Midsummer’s Eve

Episode 4 – Four Minus Four is One

A dead man is found hanging from a street lamp; but hanging wasn’t the cause of death. What is going on? A curse or pre-meditated murder?

Episode 5 – The Case of the Perfect Crime

Episode 6 – The Case of Harry Rigby

Episode 7 – The Case of the Blind Man’s Bluff

Episode 8 – A Case of High Security

Episode 9 – The Case of Harry Crocker

Episode 10 – The Case of the Deadly Prophecy

Episode 11 – The Case of the Baker Street Nursemaids

Episode 12 – The Case of the Purloined Letter

Also known as An Evening with Lord Brompton. Adapted from a story by Edgar Allan Poe. I wonder why borrowing from Edgar Allan Poe was necessary.

Episode 13 – The Case of the Travelling Killer

Episode 14 – The Case of the Sitting Target

Episode 15 – The Case of the Final Curtain

Episode 16 – The Case of the Three Uncles

Episode 17 – The Case of the Body in the Case

Episode 18 – The Case of the Deadly Tower

Episode 19 – The Case of Smith & Smythe

Episode 20 – The Case of the Luckless Gambler

Episode 21 – The Case of the Shrunken Heads

Episode 22 – The Case of Magruder’s Millions

Episode 23 – The Case of the Other Ghost

Episode 24 – The Case of the Close-Knit Family

I hope you will enjoy this 1979 Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson playlist. I compile it because I personally like to binge-watch in chronological order.

I am also grateful to those who took the trouble to convert and upload these old British dramas, allowing younger folks to discover and enjoy these old gems.

We have come to the end of this post. If you have found it useful, do let me know by liking it or sharing it or leaving a comment about what you found useful.

Happy viewing!

sherlock holmes and doctor watson

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